NGP VAN, Changing The Structure Of Politics

Thanks in large part to NGP VAN, Democratic candidates had a big year in 2017, they made progress by leveraging the energy of national events such as mass demonstrations and women’s marches. It was one of the strongest political years ever recorded with multiple races between Democrats and Republicans coming down to the wire. There were also many notable wins for Democrats as they accessed tools and software designed by NGP VAN. The software and organizing tools include customizable campaign data. Campaign data about the trajectory of undecided ballot votes within each district.


NGP VAN allowed candidates to quickly mobilize their campaigns and change territories as necessary for in-field canvassers. The ability to analyze the impact of canvassers helped to maximize their time, without trying to convert confirmed Republican voters. When the last hours of the campaign are critical, mobile data created by NGP VAN software instructed canvassers in minutes where to concentrate their neighborhood outreach efforts. Software output incorporates call lists and walk lists for quick identification of targeted voters. Saves canvassers time, without branching off into unknown neighborhoods; the group is best positioned to build voter contact.


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Successful kickstarter campaigns can be launched from within the software’s platform. Democratic candidates may define their campaign efforts through multiple platforms, these include integrate political fundraising solutions. Because the amount of funds raised can impact poll participation, events such as telephone banks are necessary, where candidates actually take to the phone lines to call random undecided voters. Various democratic candidates like Barack Obama used PhoneBurner campaign events. Candidates can track their contributions and optimize the value in terms of concentrating on areas of high impact. And scaling back in areas that demographic data reveals are unresponsive, in favor of territories with donors that canvassers should target.


Mobile access to campaign analytics has helped Democrats find new supporters. NGP VAN software compiles voter information for each candidate, individually. The data allows for adopting a more defensive strategy to make progressive adjustments. To be certain that 2018 is going to be a productive political year for Democratic candidates, the intuitive software includes easy analysis for financial disclosure.

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