Securus Technologies Advanced Drone Detection Technology Defeats the Weakness of Traditional Drone Detection Systems

There has been a growing trend for authorities to find drones flying in unrestricted areas and the problem seem to be growing at a fast pace. With the availability of recreational drones in the market, there have been steps taken to help restrict the use of these drones. But, still, some people defy these rules and use it for illegal activities. Drones can be modified to carry out a specific task. They can carry more than 11 pounds weight that has led to criminals using it has a delivery mechanism for contraband items into the prisons. Thus, drones are becoming a threat to the society by providing the inmates with things that can allow them to create terror outside the prison even though they are locked up.


Over the years, there have been different drone detection system in the market, but these are not as useful today. Some of these systems used the sound of the drone to detect it while others used cameras to help catch any drone flying over the restricted area. Some more advanced technology such as radar and thermal detection system was also tried but to no vain. They too did not pick up drones as efficiently and stopping them is not always successful. Securus Technologies has been working on a drone detection technology that is not just efficient but also foolproof.


Securus Technologies has already been testing their new technology that would help not just identify any drone nearby, but also provide the coordinate of the drones to help catch it. It also provides additional data of the drone and also helps find the operator that might be miles apart. There is more significant awareness among drones among the prison industries, and it is the reason why drone detection technology by Securus Technologies is in high demand.



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