Hussain Sajwani Builds A Luxury Real Estate Empire Convering The Middle East And Europe

The arrival of Hussain Sajwani in the luxury real estate industry has been one of the reasons to be happy for the leaders of the United Arab Emirates as the former food services executive has become one of the most influential philanthropists in the Middle East over the 15 years. Sajwani was already a well-known business leader for his work in various industries before he entered the luxury real estate sector in 2002 with the launch of DAMAC Properties and took his career to the top levels of success within the global luxury real estate industry.


The first property created by DAMAC Properties was something of a long shot in the eyes of many who felt Hussain Sajwani could not achieve success building a luxury apartment block in an undeveloped area of Dubai; Sajwani proved his doubters wrong in spectacular fashion by selling all the units in the 38-story block prior to construction beginning on the project.


Success was achieved by Hussain Sajwani through a positive and unique way of doing business which included the need for separate accounts and funding to be secured for an entire project before it begins. By setting out on a successful career as a business leader, Hussain Sajwani found himself at the heart of the luxury real estate industry in Dubai in 2008 when the global crush forced the majority of his competitors out of business. DAMAC Properties has continued to flourish over the last few years and was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2013 before moving to the Dubai market in 2016.


At the heart of the work of DAMAC Properties and Hussain Sajwani is an understanding of the largest real estate markets attracting investors from various parts of the world. In Dubai, Sajwani began his career with a decision to market his luxury apartments towards international buyers. The same marketing approach has proven successful in many areas of the world DAMAC Properties has moved into from Jordan and Lebanon in the Middle East to the London capital of the U.K.


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