Hussain Sajwani Makes a Big Splash in the Dubai Real Estate Market

Hussain Sajwani worked lots of long hours for his father when he was a schoolboy in Dubai. His dad owned a variety store that sold Parker Pens, office supplies, and general merchandise. Sajwani told his father that being a self-employed businessman was not what he wanted to be when he grew up because it would be better to get a degree and become a professional. That way he could work regular hours.


It worked out that he did go to college on a scholarship to The University of Washington in the USA. He earned a degree in engineering and went back to his home city of Dubai and worked for an oil company. That did not last too long because he saw an opportunity and formed a catering company that furnished meals to the US Army during the Gulf War.


In 2002, Sajwani put together DAMAC, a real estate development company that would serve the Hussain Sajwani family very well in the coming years. The UAE had just made the announcement that the restriction of foreign nationals coming to live in the UAE was being lifted.


Sajwani correctly predicted that there would be a real estate boom and he wanted to be in a position to take advantage of the opportunity. One of Sajwani’s many talents turned out to be in the marketing and promotion areas. He had his first project of apartments completely sold out before any construction had even begun.


One of Sajwani’s favorite promotions was advertised as, “A New Bently With Every Apartment.” That would certainly get the attention of anyone. There were DAMAC signs all over Dubai and the DAMAC owner became well-known in a hurry. Known for the absolute, top-of-the-line, luxurious apartments, the sales were very good.


Sajwani owes his success to his conservative business practices as well. He always pays cash for land purchases. In addition, he only finances a small portion of the construction and the finishing of his apartments. He keeps separate bank accounts and accounting for each project. Even if a project or two goes bad, the rest of the overall business will not be affected.


For more information, connect with Hussain Sajwani on LinkedIn.

The Sussex Healthcare Audiology

Sussex Healthcare Audiology is a company that works together with the NHS to offer support in the delivery of Audiology services to the people in the locality. This company is located in Sussex, Surrey, and Berkshire. This enables the local community to reach their services with much ease.

Sussex Healthcare Audiology deals with hearing loss that occurs due to age. They also offer services in fitting the hearing aids. NHS patients get an opportunity to access hearing aid aftercare by Sussex Healthcare Audiology.

This company is supportive of the consultant-led ENT in various areas in the UK. Their main goal in the health industry is offering unbeatable clinical care to patients from all lifestyles.

Sussex Healthcare Audiology is determined to keep up both professional and ethical standards as per the people’s expectations. This has been made possible by the well-trained team of audiologists who are subjected to an annual training programme that enhances their development.

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Over the years, SHC Audiology has developed a framework that involves frequent auditing of infection control, safety for both patients and staff on duty, creating awareness and ensuring that all the company policies and procedures are adhered to, risk management among other crucial things that keep a company thriving.

Sussex Healthcare Audiology is registered with Care Quality Commission (CQC). This is also the commission it works under, thus ensuring all services are conducted according to their standards.

The greatest advantage of Sussex Healthcare Audiology is its accreditation by the United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS). This is per as the requirement by IQIPS Standard. UKAS is licensed by The Royal College of Physicians, which manages and delivers IQIPS.

This programme has been established to enhance improvement of services, safety, and care of all the patients who are undergoing any tests or examinations in this institution by offering the most reliable services.

National Good Practice Guide works hand in hand with Sussex Healthcare Audiology in the treatment of the patients. This comes along with the highest quality healthcare. The patients also access aftercare and re-assessment after every 3 years.

The patients are more than pleased with the services offered. According to them, the deaf aids work exceptionally well. They also commented on the staff saying they are very friendly. The hearing aids have been commended since the patients say they have been upgraded from the original ones and they are very comfortable.

So whether you need outstanding hearing healthcare or unending support in aftercare, pay a visit to the Sussex Healthcare Audiology Centers and you will not be frustrated.